About the Comic

Believe it or not, the concept of the comic itself was created back in the year
2009, back when I was still a lil’ brat in 4th grade. That’s nearly 8 years ago!

As a kid, I wanted to make a story. I loved to draw, so it was only natural I would
have created a comic. A stick figure comic- one that would last longer than I have

I actually uploaded the comic before. THREE times now. Each time, I felt
dissatisfied and had to take the comic down.
1st Upload: 5th-7th Grade, I made the comic in Paint tool. Of course, it looked like
2nd Upload: 8th-10th Grade, Recently got a basic Bamboo Tablet---- I could barely
draw a straight line and was inexperienced with digital drawing.
3rd Upload: 11th-12th Grade, I was exceptionally better at drawing. Yet, I felt the
comic had no sense of direction in sense of plot and story.

This is it. I’m 19 years old, soon I will be 20 this month.
My new years resolution for 2017: I want to make this comic happen.

I don’t want to drag this on any longer.
I’m done waiting, this comic means the world to me and I want this comic to
happen more than anything. So I’ll be working my ass off to make it happen.

Get ready 2017, here come Twiks Kreet!

* * * *

Making this website look decent took a lot of work.
Credit for website assets used to create the page layout,
Check them out!

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